Balarinji is excited to announce the 12 June 2016 premiere of TRUE NORTH, a new music work by Tim Moriarty

TRUE NORTH will launch at Dark Mofo, the winter solstice festival of Hobart's internationally acclaimed MONA.

Audiences can expect a stage experience that combines live and recorded musical performance, digital art, language and light. Accessible, listenable and uplifting to experience, True North is both performance art and musical installation.


True North is composed by Tim Moriarty, a designer and digital musician whose virtuosic work blends genres. Tim draws on his classical training as a flautist, on digital work as a computer animator, and on his belonging to the Yanyuwa people of the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory.

Tim is joined in creative collaboration by pre-eminent Australian conductor Simon Kenway and in performance by Simon (keyboard) and young Australian London-based guitar luminary Andrey Lebedev.

"True North has the potential to influence dialogue about Indigenous/non-Indigenous musical collaboration. It pushes boundaries and interweaves divergent musical, spiritual and design traditions to create a New Work that promises to be highly significant for Australian music."


Tim Moriarty

Tim Moriarty

At fifteen months of age, Tim Moriarty was given his name Bundiyan by his father’s tribal uncle, Old Tim Rakuwurlma, a Yanyuwa Law man. Drawing on his genetics and memory of thirty years of regular visits back to the Gulf, Tim channels knowledge through the most advanced technology. Tim makes the compass of Aboriginal spiritual expression accessible, using music, film and light.

Tim has didgeridoo performance credits with U2’s national Vertigo Tour of Australia, and flute and didgeridoo with the Pembroke Band in concert with James Morrison, Don Burrows, Tommy Emmanuel and James Galway. His design and computer animation credits include work for AMP, Sony, LG, SBS and NITV.

Simon Kenway

Simon Kenway

Simon is a highly respected orchestral and operatic conductor who has worked extensively with Opera Australia, and with the Sydney, Tasmanian, West Australian and Queensland Symphony Orchestras. His stage, arranging and composition credits include opera, ballet, film and festival work throughout Australia and in Hong Kong, Singapore and London.

Simon’s collaborative engagements include Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake, and Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge.

Andrey Lebedev

Andrey Lebedev

Born in Moscow and brought up in Australia, Andrey currently lives in London, where he studies at the Royal College of Music. He is a Young Artist with the International Guitar Foundation and the City of London Music Foundation. His stage credits include St John’s, Smith Square, Wigmore Hall and Kings Palace London, and the Shanghai World Expo.

Andrey’s extensive solo repertoire includes many important works from the late twentieth century, by such composers as Berio, Britten, Ginastera, Henze and Takemitsu, and he has given world premieres of major compositions by Australian Peter Sculthorpe.


True North

True North’s creative rationale is to present a highly original, accessible work that blends the power of Aboriginal musical imagery with influences from the Baroque, to stir a collective experience of human emotion.

This work stretches musical and experiential boundaries beyond genre, presenting immediate and authentic Indigenous ritualistic reflection in a new way for audiences. The usual limitations of scores and musical notation are transcended.

True North channels a deep well of Moriarty’s belonging to the Yanyuwa, passed down from his Borroloola father and elders. The work’s Indigenous lines will be juxtaposed with the form and influences of the Baroque.

Video and stills of abstracted aerial drone-filmed remote landscapes (by Moriarty) on screen, add to the work, and build layers of storytelling.


Instrumentation includes orchestration and elements of the natural world using digital tracks, together with physical contrabass flute, electric and acoustic guitar and keyboard. The work’s vibrational energy brings the audience intimately into the performance.

The work integrates Yanyuwa song and language as the spirit of land. Light, rhythm, natural elements and melodic line build the performance experience and lead the audience towards an Aboriginal sensibility. Elements improvise and interact, in chorus and alone.

True North seeks to create a new, significant Australian work.

True North

True North expresses its immense gratitude to Dark Mofo for commissioning its premiere performance, and to Geoff and Dawn Dixon for their patronage.

Thanks also to Eris Rudkin, audio engineer.

"As a festival that embraces risk and regularly programs work that defies easy classification, the potential of this collaboration resonates deeply with us... I believe this to be an important work for Australia, that deserves a wide audience in the right context, and we are hopeful Dark Mofo will be that context."

Dark Mofo Creative Director, Leigh Carmichael

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