Bajirru! there you all are, hello! From the Yanyuwa language of Balarinji’s origin community Borroloola NT
Jinangu awara wabarrangu barra kalu-wingka marnijinju wabudala kari-nguthundawabarrangu jinangu Australia li-wulu marnaji barra liyi-Yanyuwawu awara li-Marranbala li-Arrwangala li-Gudanji jinangu awara Burrulula marnaji yamulhu
Our Country we belong to is Borroloola. Yanyuwa, Marra, Gudanji and Garrawa people.We welcome everyone to this land Australia.
Yanyuwa elder Samuel Evans Jamika
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. are respectfully advised this website contains references, artworks and images of people who have passed

Balarinji design projects named as finalists in Urban Developer Awards

Redfern Station improvement works

In November 2018 a new entrance on the corner of Gibbons and Lawson Streets was opened at Redfern Station. Balarinji engaged with the local Redfern community to commission a series of Aboriginal artworks and interpretive elements that reflected the area’s rich Aboriginal heritage and stories.

Balarinji workshopped concepts in collaboration with local artists Dolly Brown, James Simon, Suzy Evans and Adam Hill, plus managed fabrication and installation of the works at the Station.

Mural on North Balgowlah Noise Wall

The new 130 metre contemporary mural on a prominent noise wall in North Balgowlah showcases an artwork developed with Yaegl artist Jessica Birk. Called ‘Shorelines and Storylines’, the work acknowledges local Aboriginal culture and celebrates the connection between land and water within the Balgowlah area.