The Central Precinct Renewal Program (CPRP) is a large-scale urban renewal and city-shaping program located on Gadigal Country with Central Station at its centre.


Transport for NSW’s (TfNSW) vision is for the Central Precinct to become ‘a vibrant and exciting place that unites a world-class interchange with innovative and diverse business and high-quality spaces. It will embrace design, sustainability and connectivity, celebrate its unique built form and social and cultural heritage and become a centre for the future and economic growth’.


TfNSW engaged Balarinji to develop a Connecting with Country Framework to provide narratives and principles drawn from Country in collaboration with local Aboriginal people for use in design. It presents guidelines for the CPRP design team to embrace the Aboriginal historical and contemporary identity, engage visitors to explore the story of Place and integrate Aboriginal culture and narrative to create well-connected and welcoming places within the precinct.


Balarinji’s Connecting with Country Framework was co-developed with locally connected Aboriginal stakeholders. To ensure locally connected Aboriginal voices are embedded at all points of the CPRP, Balarinji undertook comprehensive Aboriginal community engagement with locally connected Elders, knowledge holders and community members to inform and co-develop the Connecting with Country Framework.


In addition, Balarinji’s Connecting with Country Framework provided advice on compliance with the Government Architect NSW Connecting with Country Draft Framework as well as a basis for an approach to Country-centred design to be developed in next stage, integrated with mutual community and project benefits.