Opportunity for Knowledge Holders and story tellers

Opportunity for Knowledge Holders and story tellers

5 - 7 May 2020

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Aboriginal Exploratory Workshops Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link? The Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link program is an important part of our vision to create an integrated road and public transport network, balancing the needs of motorists and local communities. The program consists of:

  • Western Harbour Tunnel which stretches from the Warringah Freeway at Cammeray, across Sydney Harbour, to the WestConnex interchange at Rozelle

  • Beaches Link which provides an alternative to the Spit Bridge and Military Road for the Northern Beaches, connecting through to the Warringah Freeway and Gore Hill Freeway.

What is the purpose of these workshops? These workshops will inform us about the Aboriginal culture and heritage of the Northern Beaches, Balgowlah, Seaforth, Lane Cove, Waverton, Cammeray, North Sydney, Balmain and Rozelle. This opportunity aims to integrate an Aboriginal narrative across the proposed tunnel corridor. Through this engagement we aim to:

  • Highlight opportunities for the project to understand the Aboriginal context (cultural, physical and spiritual)

  • Highlight opportunities to consider how Aboriginal culture and heritage can be considered

  • Discuss what the local community think should be considered by the project team as it continues to develop the project.

Who is Balarinji and what is their involvement in the project? Balarinji is a leading Aboriginal-owned strategy and design agency that has been based in Sydney for 20 years. With experience facilitating opportunities for local Aboriginal people to benefit from, and contribute to, major public projects. As a member of the project advisory team, we are facilitating the workshops. Our aim for the session is to listen to the community about how it wants to see the project develop a deeper understanding of the Aboriginal cultural significance of the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link.

How do I apply? Please send us some brief information about your work, yourself and your connection to Wangal, Cammeraygal, Kayimai and Cannagal Country, extending to Gadigal and Carigal Country, to info@balarinji.com.au.

How will workshop attendees be selected? We will use a range of criteria to select attendees including seniority in the community (local Elders), family links to the proposed corridor, involvement in the community and creative expertise. This is to ensure we have a diverse and inclusive representation.

How will Balarinji protect the intellectual property of the workshop participants? The workshop is an exchange of ideas to ensure the Aboriginal voice is heard in relation to the project. Intellectual property such as knowledge, stories and designs remain with the creator of those works.

For further information please contact the Balarinji studio on (02) 9908 2416 or email info@balarinji.com.au

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