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I’m a Bully

Winning Through Intimidation was a big best-seller, and some poker players use that approach. They intimidate and run over some players by buying many chips, talking and betting aggressively, blowing smoke in people’s faces, criticizing opponents, and acting as obnoxious boors.

Bullies get both psychological and financial rewards, but I’ll discuss only the financial ones

They may make others so angry that they play stupidly. This motive is particularly strong in the few nasty people who play well. They want you to become so eager to beat them that you give away your chips. For example, angry people may make foolish raises and calls just to “get even” with a nasty player…. players can go on tilt, which is exactly what the nasty person wants.

This image has severe downsides: bullies make the whole game unpleasant, and they often drive away the weakest players. But some bullies have made a lot of money, proving that this image can be used successfully. I dislike it, but won’t pretend that it never works.

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