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The Hippodrome emphasised that the Government had planned to use the opening of new casinos (with greater numbers of gaming machines) under the Gambling Act 2005 “as a trial for the wider modernisation of casinos regulations”105, and in July 2008 the then Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport, Gerry SutcliffeMP, indicated that an assessment was scheduled for 2014 So far, no such assessment has been undertaken. We therefore remain in the strange position of having the number of gaming machines in any given casino decided by the date on which it was opened, and whether it is regulated by the preserved provisions of the 1968 Act or the 2005 Act, rather than its size, number of customers or demand. We are sympathetic to the call to increase the number of gaming machines availablein casinos, but believe that the Government must undertake its assessment of casinos regulations before making any changes. We believe that the Government shouldundertake the assessment of casino regulations which should have been undertaken in 2014, and ensure that all casinosare regulated consistently

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