Bajirru! there you all are, hello! From the Yanyuwa language of Balarinji’s origin community Borroloola NT
Jinangu awara wabarrangu barra kalu-wingka marnijinju wabudala kari-nguthundawabarrangu jinangu Australia li-wulu marnaji barra liyi-Yanyuwawu awara li-Marranbala li-Arrwangala li-Gudanji jinangu awara Burrulula marnaji yamulhu
Our Country we belong to is Borroloola. Yanyuwa, Marra, Gudanji and Garrawa people.We welcome everyone to this land Australia.
Yanyuwa elder Samuel Evans Jamika
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. are respectfully advised this website contains references, artworks and images of people who have passed
Frasers Property Australia

Burwood Brickworks public art installations

Award-winning project

In 2020, these artwork installations won the coveted Architectural Design Urban Design and Public Spaces category in the Good Design Awards.

The Good Design Awards Jury praised the Burwood Brickworks artwork installations, commenting: “Experienced by many people every day, the Aboriginal artwork in Burwood Brickworks is well integrated into the architectural experience of the place, and will inform, educate and interest the general public about local Aboriginal culture, stories and art.”

Ros Moriarty, Managing Director of Balarinji said: “We are absolutely honoured that our design work with outstanding Wurundjeri-willam artist Mandy Nicholson for Burwood Brickworks mural has received a Good Design Award. Our client, Frasers Property, was on board from the outset to bring bold visibility to Mandy’s art and Wurundjeri culture.”

“Australia needs innovative opportunities like Burwood Brickworks mural to make local Aboriginal narratives visible in our public places. We’re thrilled thousands of people will experience the installation every day, and that the project’s social value and design merit have been recognised with this prestigious award.”

The Burwood Brickworks public art installation has also been recognised internationally.

In 2022 the project was named an iF Design Award winner and awarded an Iron A’ Design Award in Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Category.

Balarinji was Frasers Property Australia’s partner in relation to the development of the major art installations for our Burwood Brickworks Living Building Challenge Project. Balarinji translated our project’s strategic objectives into physical interventions of public art, embedding Aboriginal heritage within the Burwood Brickworks, helping to illuminate the local Aboriginal narrative. Specifically, Balarinji sourced suitable local artists for us to work with, engaged, and worked with our selected artist, [Mandy Nicholson] to develop her work and create a suitable solution for both a glazing façade and our feature ceiling. In the process, Balarinji liaised with a fabricator and helped to build capacity in the Aboriginal creative community, fostering local art practices.

Stephen Choi, Living Building Challenge Manager, Frasers Property Group, 2019