Bajirru! there you all are, hello! From the Yanyuwa language of Balarinji’s origin community Borroloola NT
Jinangu awara wabarrangu barra kalu-wingka marnijinju wabudala kari-nguthundawabarrangu jinangu Australia li-wulu marnaji barra liyi-Yanyuwawu awara li-Marranbala li-Arrwangala li-Gudanji jinangu awara Burrulula marnaji yamulhu
Our Country we belong to is Borroloola. Yanyuwa, Marra, Gudanji and Garrawa people.We welcome everyone to this land Australia.
Yanyuwa elder Samuel Evans Jamika
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. are respectfully advised this website contains references, artworks and images of people who have passed
Transport for NSW

Central Precinct Connecting with Country Framework

Sydney terminal building revitalisation project

Balarinji was then engaged by Grimshaw Architects and Aurecon Group to identify opportunities to implement the Central Precinct’s Connecting with Country Framework for the revitalisation of the Sydney Terminal Building at Central Station.

The revitalisation will create a unique destination that celebrates heritage, creates new and enhanced public open spaces for the community to gather, and increases amenities and safety while improving the customer experience of the precinct.

Balarinji identified how the Central Precinct’s Connecting with Country themes could be integrated into the Sydney Terminal Building in order to provide opportunities for community connections, education and exploration.

The key opportunities identified were

  • using entrances as spaces to be Welcomed to Gadigal Country
    a public art curatorial program of temporary works to tell the many stories of the space
  • using the roof to connect to Sky Country strengthening recognition of the building’s role in the forced removal of children
  • allowing people to learn and connect with Country through planting that recognises the six seasons.

Developed for the Central Precinct Renewal Program (CPRP), the Connecting with Country Framework provided narratives and principles drawn from Country for use in design.

To ensure locally connected Aboriginal voices were embedded at all points of the CPRP, Balarinji undertook comprehensive Aboriginal community engagement with locally connected elders, knowledge holders and community members to inform and co-develop the Connecting with Country Framework.

The framework presented guidelines for CPRP project teams to embrace the Aboriginal historical and contemporary identity, engage visitors to explore the story of Place and integrate Aboriginal culture and narrative to create well-connected and welcoming places within the precinct.