Bajirru! there you all are, hello! From the Yanyuwa language of Balarinji’s origin community Borroloola NT
Jinangu awara wabarrangu barra kalu-wingka marnijinju wabudala kari-nguthundawabarrangu jinangu Australia li-wulu marnaji barra liyi-Yanyuwawu awara li-Marranbala li-Arrwangala li-Gudanji jinangu awara Burrulula marnaji yamulhu
Our Country we belong to is Borroloola. Yanyuwa, Marra, Gudanji and Garrawa people.We welcome everyone to this land Australia.
Yanyuwa elder Samuel Evans Jamika
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. are respectfully advised this website contains references, artworks and images of people who have passed

Balarinji appointed to co-design local artworks for Coffs Bypass project

Tulli Stevens

Child’s Journey

Tulli Stevens’ artwork evokes the child’s journey of connection and learning as they grow. Playful outgoing energy can be seen through the use of bright colours and flora. The native wattle represents the children learning and the lines in the background form the meeting places where knowledge is passed on.
Art Wall - Englands Road
Bernard Kelly-Edwards

Golden Waanji

Bernard Kelly-Edwards’ artwork depicts the golden Waanji (dingo). The Waanji are a significant animal in Gumbaynggirr culture with connections to the Dreaming. Waanji’s Songlines track from the mountain to the sea and are connected to the more northern end of the bypass.
Art Wall - Southbound exit of Shephards Lane Tunnel southern portal
Lisa Kelly

Yuludarla Creation Story

Lisa Kelly’s artwork represents the Yuludarla Creation story, which is a shared story for all of the Gumbaynggirr Nation. The artwork depicts the time of creation, expanding out until the present time.
Art Wall - Gatelys Road
Bernard Kelly-Edwards


Bernard Kelly-Edwards’ artwork showcases Gumgali (goanna) who features in Dreaming stories connected to areas the bypass travels through. Gumgali is central to Gumbaynggirr culture. The Gumgali Songline travels from the mountain range to the sea, impacting Country and Gumbaynggirr people. Knowledge of Gumgali Dreaming stories has been handed down through many generations at the Gumgali site along the bypass.
Art Wall - Solitary Islands
Bernard Kelly-Edwards

Coffs Coast

Bernard Kelly-Edwards’ artwork explores the form of Coffs Harbour coastline from a bird's eye view perspective. Bernard uses linework and shapes to represent Place and the patterns of Country, and how the layers of the land (Wajaar) and Gumbaynggirr connections are bound together. The artwork acknowledges the travel of Gumbaynggirr people from the mountains to the sea, from north to south and east to west. This land includes abundant resources, sacred sites, and toolmaking sites that are significant to Gumbaynggirr people. The stingray represents the journey of passing over for Gumbaynggirr people, which is a part of the cycle of generations of Gumbaynggirr ancestors and descendants.
Bus shelters at Korora Bus Interchange