Bajirru! there you all are, hello! From the Yanyuwa language of Balarinji’s origin community Borroloola NT
Jinangu awara wabarrangu barra kalu-wingka marnijinju wabudala kari-nguthundawabarrangu jinangu Australia li-wulu marnaji barra liyi-Yanyuwawu awara li-Marranbala li-Arrwangala li-Gudanji jinangu awara Burrulula marnaji yamulhu
Our Country we belong to is Borroloola. Yanyuwa, Marra, Gudanji and Garrawa people.We welcome everyone to this land Australia.
Yanyuwa elder Samuel Evans Jamika
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. are respectfully advised this website contains references, artworks and images of people who have passed
Balarinji designs new Qantas Art Aircraft

Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa

The Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa Art Aircraft is a powerful example of how Indigenous design can influence how we think about ourselves as Australians.

It’s an example of how we can experience the strength, integrity and beauty of Aboriginal culture through best practice collaboration with artists and communities.

Through motif, colour palette and story, Maringka Baker’s art expresses deep Indigenous meaning about sustainability.

The importance of family, and the principles of living close to, and looking after Country, are all about resilience. Aboriginal people are the world’s first ecologists. They have successfully sustained life on our ancient, fragile continent for 60,000+ years. Caring for Country principles for land and sea continue to be deeply embedded within Indigenous culture and practice.

In 2023 Balarinji celebrates 40 years of trailblazing Australia’s Indigenous design sector.

This includes a 40 year partnership with Qantas and a commitment to design excellence, reconciliation and celebrating Australia’s foundational culture.

The Qantas-Balarinji partnership began in 1983 when Qantas sold Balarinji’s Aboriginal-themed silk and superfine wool scarves on board. We’ve gone on to work together across four decades, on six Qantas-Balarinji Art Aircraft and Qantas’ long-running uniform textile, Wirriyarra.

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About Maringka Baker

Maringka Baker is a senior Pitjantjatjara artist from the remote community of Kanpi in far north west South Australia.

Her deep spiritual connection to her Country is evident in her artistic voice that speaks to ceremony and story through her mastery of tone, and command of colour and composition.

Maringka is recognised as one of Australia’s most accomplished artists, with works held by the National Gallery of Australia and the Parliament House Art Collection. Maringka is credited with inspiring a new generation of First Nations artists from her family and community through teaching and mentoring.

Artwork: Maringka Baker, Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa, 2018 © Maringka Baker/Tjungu Palya Art Centre. Licensed by Copyright Agency.